креатив-балет "JAGA NUTS"

креатив-балет "JAGA NUTS"

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Creative ballet "JAGA NUTS" was created in 2009 by Aleksandr Ushakov,who danced before in the Ukraine's best ballet called "Quest".It started from a group of 4 dancers.all of them looked extraordinary. each of them is an interesting person who have his own vision of the dance. That's why this dance crew bacame very attractive for the poeple very fast!Each member of the ballet added something special into the collective.
After a while some more dancers joined the team. As a result of this it bacame more powerful!
Now we have 6 dancers:3 girls and 3 guys,1 of them is a choreographer,also a founder of the ballet.His nickname is Santi.
One of the main positions of the ballet is to develop in absolutely different styles of dance.
It's all because the leader of the ballet has a 18 years experience in different styles of dance.

We dance hip-hop,house,popping,locking,krump,lyrical,jazz-funk,contemporary,jazz,social,experimental styles of dance and others...

For now we have already have a number of dance compositions:

1.Jackson Tribute - is a hip-hop and house dynamic dance with many transpositions
2.Don't Fly Away - is a lyrical contemporary dance in couples - a history of love with elements of the lyrical hip-hop style
3.Straight Edge - is a VERY dynamic dance performed on a Nirvana's remix.It's a story how 3 nice club girls were infected by 3 guys of the dark force
4.The waiters - is a light and positive jazz dance composition,a story about 2 girls who came into a restaurant to have a meal and 4 waiters,who serve these girls and then they dance with them,have fun do some crazy tricks and at the end the girls do the real rock'n'roll on the table!)
5.Fashion - is a quite an extraordinary dance with elements of a narcissism and experimental stuff
6.Vasya - is a social dance.It's a story of a dandy from Moscow who feels very self-confidently in the begining and then his friends decide to teach him a good lesson.

We have about 4-5 more dance compositions in different styles if you need.We also have some solo-dance-performances or duets.

We guarantee that our spectators will enjoy watching our show!

Best regards!
With love,
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Минимальная сумма заказа: 300 руб.
1 номер - 300$
2 номера - 550$
3 номера - 750$
4 номера - 900$
программа нон-стоп 30-минут - 1100$
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